Microsoft Says It Settled 3,265 Piracy Cases Last Year

Microsoft software remains one of the most pirated the world over, and the software titan continues its fight against piracy around the globe, this time sharing some interesting new statistics on how things are coming along in its ever lasting battle.

Long story short, the company’s efforts are actually pretty effective as far as the legal disputes over software licenses are concerned.

The company revealed in a press statement that it has settled no less than 3,265 software piracy cases in the last fiscal year — that actually ended on June 30, 2013. 35 of these have been reported in 19 different US states, with the overwhelming majority of these being overseas.

David Finn, associate general counsel in the Microsoft Cybercrime Center noted:

“Software counterfeiting negatively impacts local and global economic growth, stifles innovation, and puts consumers and businesses at risk.”

Redmond claims that most of the legal disputes are based on consumer tip offs and reports — a sure sign that users no longer accept running pirated software on their computers.

One of the cases mentioned in the press release centered on China’s Ningbo Beyond Group. It used pirated copies of Windows, Office, Server and Visual Studio on its PCs, but Microsoft says that it has reached an agreement with the organization:

“In addition to our other cases, Microsoft is pleased to have resolved this matter.

We look forward to the Ningbo Beyond Group also resolving important claims filed this January by the California attorney general in a manner that ensures future compliance with California law and sets a positive example for Chinese companies doing business in California.”

Microsoft added that since 2005 it has received tips from 450,000 customers on authorized use of its software, some of which found that the counterfeit programs had malware or viruses installed, and in some cases, simply did not work as they were supposed to.

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