Microsoft Set To Showcase New Azure AI Drone Capabilities

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Microsoft and DJI have some fancy new skills they want you to take a gander at. The two companies will showcase their new drone control SDK for Windows 10 at an event next week.

The UK Drone Show.

This latest collaboration between the two companies will enable developers to build apps on Microsoft operating system using which they can control the drones sold by DJI. The SDK will allow businesses more ways to quickly deploy AI powered drones for security and maintenance tasks.

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Oliver O’Brien, an organizer at the UK Drone Show, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to give Microsoft and DJI the platform to introduce their new technology to the UK. The commercial use of drones is a huge growth area at the moment, and the UK government and airspace regulator have recognized this.

This new partnership between Microsoft and DJI is just one of many cutting-edge technologies we will have on display that are making the commercial use of drones easier to implement.”

Along with the drones themselves, other hardware can also be accessed and controlled via the SDK like sensors or even robotic components — at the same time utilizing new AI capabilities that are available on the Azure cloud.

Microsoft and DJI have been at this together for some time now, cleaning the air for drone technology.

The two companies announced the new SDK collaboration at the AirWorks conference in Dallas Texas, and are all set to take it to then next level later this month.

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