Microsoft Set To Launch India Sales Subsidiary

It has been well over 20 years since Microsoft first starting selling its first product in India, and now the technology titan has reportedly informed its Indian partners that it is readying a new sales subsidiary in the country.

The new division should open by April 2013, if all goes according to plan.

According to a report over at CRN, this new subsidiary is a sign that Microsoft is planning to invest more in India and focus on the local businesses in the country that has shown remarkable potential in the IT sector.

As the CEO of Compusoft, Devesh Aggarwal noted:

“Microsoft has formally informed all partners that they will be opening the India sales subsidiary by April. Partners have been informed that their new partnership contracts will now be in the name of Microsoft’s India subsidiary. The contracts, so far, were signed with Microsoft’s Singapore subsidiary.”

Redmond has been in the news recently with reports of working its way through taxes and even allegations of bribery (in official capacity or otherwise) in several countries around the globe.

The local government has already warned Microsoft that its new sales subsidiary would have to pay local taxes and obviously comply with local laws and regulations — surely the company would have no trouble doing so.

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