Microsoft Sets Up New Cybercrime Center To Battle Malware And Botnets

No one takes security more seriously than Microsoft, no two words about it. With such a large install base of Windows (and the growing one of Windows Phone), Redmond just cannot afford lose ends and security flaws plaguing its solutions.

And the company has just announced the opening of a new cybercrime unit inside its offices. Going by the name of Cybercrime Center, this new set up is supposed to help the company continue its global efforts against malware and botnets.

Microsoft has also put up a brilliant new special website that details this initiative. The new facility is located in the Redmond campus and has access to the latest technologies.

According to David Finn, the associate general counsel of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit:

“The Microsoft Cybercrime Center is where our experts come together with customers and partners to focus on one thing: keeping people safe online. By combining sophisticated tools and technology with the right skills and new perspectives, we can make the Internet safer for everyone.”

Here is a video that shows off the new facility:

The Cybercrime Center includes technologies like SitePrint (used to create a map of online organized crime networks) and PhotoDNA (helps block child abuse content). The unit also provides Microsoft’s staff with tools to detect online fraud and identity theft.

Microsoft also boasts about some of its recent efforts — it managed to take down no less than 7 botnets in the last couple of years, including Citadel, Bamital, Nitol, Zeus, Kelihos, Rustock, and Waledac.

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