Microsoft Shares Its Vision Of A Touch Heavy Future

Microsoft may not be all that quick to respond to the newest of trends, but touchscreens are one thing that Redmond has wholeheartedly embraced and is looking to take to the next level.

We already live in a world where technology is at the very center of everything we do, and if you are wondering what the future may look like, Microsoft has got you covered. The company imagined the future of technology, and unsurprisingly, touchscreens take center stage.

The team behind Next at Microsoft has shared the details of what the company now calls a new version of the future that it has created together with its revamped Envisioning Center.

“While none of these ideas are meant to be predictive about our products, they do highlight some of the key trends we’re investing in, such as machine learning and NUI. They also give you a sense of where these technologies could lead us over the next five to ten years.”

The video below sheds more light on a more user friendly way to interact with everyday devices, and expectedly they are all based on touchscreen mechanics. Take a look:


But that’s not all Redmond has in store for now — the company has hinted that it will be sharing more details on this vision in the coming days. We are all year, Microsoft:

“Over the course of the next few days you’ll learn more about some of the work we’re doing to improve our understanding of how people interact with technology and some of the breakthroughs we’ve made.”

Even with the impressive improvements in technology, touch screen devices are still rather expensive, and bringing to market a large touch capable panel as the ones showcased above by Microsoft would definitely come with a heavy price tag.

Reasonably sized advanced touchscreen displays could be in the reach of a lot of people, say 5 years from now. 4K technology is almost ready for primetime, and enterprises and businesses are already embracing touch enabled mobile devices. The groundwork is already laid for an imminent revolution.

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