Microsoft Showcases Office Touch For Windows 8 At BUILD

calling by the codename Gemini. BUILD 2014 has brought us our first look at this Office Touch for Windows 8, as Microsoft afforded us a quick look at the PowerPoint app. Yes, working fair and square in the Modern UI, people — the real deal. Take a look: [gallery columns="2" ids="65977,65978"] It is easy to see how this version of Office is a fair bit more advanced (both in feature set and user interface) than the version that recently launched for the Apple iPad. In fact, Microsoft calls this as something that provides that “unmistakable Office experience”, and it is easy to see why. Most of the traditional Office elements have made the cut, including the Ribbon at the top of the display, which is a staple of the recent desktop versions of Office. The company claims that no learning curve is necessary. And we can believe that, because the UI is quite similar to what we get on desktop PCs and laptops — it is Office through and through. Though different versions might get different looks, depending on the platform, like Android and iOS. Interestingly, all changes are saved in the cloud, says Microsoft, which means that users can always undo their last operation. This is one feature that might come in real handy for collaboration. Collaboration on the go, at that. No clear pointers on the release date, though Microsoft makes it clear that Office Touch for Windows 8 will launch later this year. The world is waiting. Excited about what you are seeing? Comments, please.]]>

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