Microsoft Showcases The Best Valentine’s Day Apps

Gee, that did not take long. Continuing the company’s trend of creating special collections on the Windows Store on occasions and events, Microsoft has just rolled out a Valentine’s Day showcase.

This is in addition to the best weather apps category that popped up a few days back.

As you would expect, the Valentine’s Day section is filled with shopping, entertainment, lifestyle, food & dining apps for Windows 8 to help users get ready for the occasion right from within the modern UI. The official description read:

“This Valentine’s Day, plan a night to remember. Use these apps to help you cook a romantic dinner, search for the perfect gift, or get ready for a night on the town.”

Not to cheesy, Redmond, not too cheesy!

Most of the apps in this new subcategory are available for free, though there are a few paid ones too.

While the overall quality of apps in the Windows Store is gradually increasing as more and more established businesses jump in, it still has a long way to go to catch up with other apps repositories.

Special promotions like these not only help bring the apps in the spotlight, but also direct users of the platform in discovering some of the best downloads available.

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