Microsoft Showcases Touch Based Video Editing In Browser

If there is one thing Microsoft has going for itself is its research and development efforts, whether to bring new products and services to market, or add new dimensions to its current ones.

One such example is a new service it has created together with a video editing startup, Vyclone that is already enjoying great success with its social video editing mobile service.

Microsoft has just announced the release of what is basically a new web-based video editing service that allows users the ability to quickly edit a specific clip from within Internet Explorer 10. The IE team shared the detailed in a blog post explaining how things work:

“The process is simple—once video is recorded from an individual’s phone, it can be shared to the cloud, where it’s available to everyone else who was at that event. (Users can also make video footage private as well.) Here’s where it gets really fun—once the video is uploaded, users can remix their content, using all of the footage uploaded by other users at the concert.”

Thanks to the touch support of Redmond’s latest browser, Windows RT users can effortlessly edit a video on their tablet in a few simple taps. Additionally, the Vyclone service is built with collaboration in mind — several users can work on a specific video at the same time.

All this is accomplished without the need of any plug-ins, and offline editing is supported.

Interested? Take it for a spin here or watch the included video, and share your thoughts on this in the comments section below. This is basically Microsoft showcasing the power on offer in IE10, but nevertheless, it is impressive.

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