Microsoft Showing Ads Against Firefox In Windows 10


As they say, if you want to target something, target the best. For many, Firefox is one of the best web browsers on the market right now, thanks to an impressive feature set and focus on privacy.

Firefox Quantum, as it is, has truly been a quantum leap forward.

Same goes for, the shiny new Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s latest jab at a browser is a fine piece of software. Built atop the Chromium engine, and sharing many a similarity with the market leader Google Chrome, this new web browser has been winning hearts left and right — at least for those who have given this new program a try.

And in order to ensure that you do, the company is running a fancy little campaign where it is showing ads in the Windows 10 operating system promoting this new launch.

These little ads have started showing up in the usual places, like the Start Menu and Search.

Discovered on Reddit, some users are feeling ticked off with how the company is trying to convince more users to give the new Edge a try. And for some reason, the software titan decided to target good old Mozilla Firefox to promote its new browser.

See for yourself:

Edge Ad Start Menu

They are also doing this in the search interface, though that one is a more subtle nudge towards trying out the new Edge and take its new features for a spin.

Edge Ad Search

As expected, this has led to a bit of criticism against the company. Though surprisingly, many are also pleased with this and are praising the new Edge. And of course, some are reminding that it is possible to disable suggestion in the Windows 10 to block such ads from showing up.

In other words, the usual.

How do you see this strategy from Microsoft? Approve?

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