Microsoft Shows Off Facebook In Its Windows Phone Simulation

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform has been around for just a few months, yet in the span of less than half a year it has managed to impress both users and critics alike.

Most people that have used the mobile OS have expressed a high level of satisfaction, the latest version of Windows Phone offers. But this was not always the case. Not many had experienced the mobile operating system in its infancy.

Back in November 2011, Microsoft launched a virtual online demo to showcase Windows Phone to users, particularly those on competing Android and iOS platforms. The demo showed off how the Windows Phone and its modern UI worked.

The demo is still alive and well. In fact, Microsoft has just updated it to add Facebook functionality to the simulation giving people the opportunity to see how information from a user’s Facebook account is displayed in the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen.

Redmond shared the news in a blog post today, saying:

“The Windows Phone 8 simulator is a great way to see how our award-winning Start screen with resizable Live Tiles works, try out exclusive features like Kid’s Corner, and—starting today—experience what your Facebook info would look on the Start screen and in the People and Photo Hubs.

In other words, it’s the best way to get a taste of what Windows Phone can do without actually holding one. And if you’re already a fan, please help us spread the word by giving it a Like or posting the demo on your Facebook Timeline.”

While Microsoft mobile platform is gaining more and acceptance in most markets around the world, this demo is still a great way to showcase Windows Phone to people that are still on the fence about making the jump to the platform.

And don’t be surprised to see the demo updated in a few months’ time as the rumored Windows Phone Blue nears its released date.

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