Microsoft Signs Up 12 UK Firms For AI For Good

AI for Good

12 UK companies have joined Microsoft’s AI for Good accelerator program. These firms will now gain access to a whole array of Microsoft technology, resources, and expertise.

Which, they will put to use in order to help develop and launch their products and solutions.

The company made things official in a blog post detailing how these organizations will help make the world a better place, as help will be provided for these firms to focus on AI for Earth, AI for Accessibility, AI for Humanitarian Action, and AI for Cultural Heritage ventures.

AI for Good is run by Microsoft and Social Tech Trust.

Microsoft’s Managing Director of Startups UK, Amali de Alwis had this to say:

“These 12 companies are some of the brightest and most cutting-edge businesses in Britain, and I am delighted to welcome them to our cohort. They are all aiming to make the world a better place by using technology to tackle complex problems – from accessibility and heritage to sustainability. Microsoft is keen to help them make an even bigger positive impact on the world around them, and we’re looking forward to supporting them through this exciting stage of their journey.”

You can find out the specific details of what each of these 12 companies does at the link above, and there is everything from security to swimming pools, and sign language translation here.

The technology giant says that this year the AI for Good program will run for four months. Each of these companies will be given space to operate their business in the Microsoft for Startups office in Shoreditch, London.

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