Microsoft Simplifies The Windows Insider Program Agreement

Simplification. The name of the game, these days. And in order to make things easier for everyone, Microsoft has quietly updated the Windows Inside Program agreement terms.

In fact, not so quietly, come to think of it.

The company actually sent an email to Windows Insiders earlier this week that the agreement terms would change. And the new version of the document is now online on the Windows Insider website, and you can check it right here.

On the whole, there are no big changes to the content — it is business as usual, and very much what you would expect. Otherwise this might have been much more of a high-profile development had Microsoft added in some drastic terms and conditions.

But this new version is shorter, easier to read, and well, simplified.

Sure, not everyone reads these terms in detail, but this is a welcome update that will make it easier for anyone reading to go through the words.

In addition to that, the Confidentiality or NDA terms have disappeared, which makes total sense, as the Windows 10 Insider build releases are public, and accessible to everyone. Confidentiality here belonged to a different era — the days of the early development builds of Windows Vista and whatnot.

The software titan does make it clear that you are volunteering to test these builds and provide feedback on prerelease software.

In other words, participation is at your own risk, and you can leave anytime.

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