Microsoft SkyDrive

Interfaces The uploaded data can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Microsoft provides several interfaces for that.

  • Web Interface – Accessible through web browsers, it is made using HTML 5 technologies. You can simply drag a file and drop it on the interface to upload it to SkyDrive. It integrates with the rest of the Windows Live world, like its new mail service Outlook, Live Messenger, MSN services, etc. The web interface has two huge plus points:
  • Slideshow for photos – You can browse through your uploaded photos online, through a neat slideshow feature.
  • Integration with Office Web Apps – You can create office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) directly through SkyDrive website. Creating a document will launch it in Office Web Apps, where you can edit the document.
  • Desktop applications – Microsoft provides SkyDrive applications for Windows and Mac OS X. The application integrated naturally with the OS. Thus, you can access SkyDrive just like a normal hard drive. You can upload new documents directly through these applications.
  • Phone apps – Microsoft has provided SkyDrive mobile apps for Windows Phone and iOS.
  • Metro SkyDrive app – This is a Windows 8 exclusive app that will feature along with the upcoming OS. But you can check it out in the current Windows 8 Release Preview. It is a pretty cool app that flaunts the Metro user interface.
  • API – Besides that, Microsoft has exposed API to SkyDrive so that developers can make their own clients that use SkyDrive.

Extra Storage

Besides the free storage, you can pay to get extra space on SkyDrive. Microsoft has laid out year-based plans.
  •   20 GB – 10 USD per year
  •   50 GB – 25 USD per year
  •   100 GB – 50 USD per year
Note that you don’t lose your 7 GB free storage in spite of buying a plan-based storage so any space that you buy comes in addition to the free 7 GB. Sweet, isn’t it?]]>

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