Microsoft Snaps Up FSLogix For A Virtualization Boost


Another day, another Microsoft acquisition. This time around, the software titan has snapped up FSLogix, in a bid to give Office 365 virtualization a boost.

The buyout, the Redmond based company says, will enhance Office 365 virtualization with a number of advantages, including faster load times.

Microsoft shared the technical details in the announcement post, revealing that the goal is to use the expertise of its latest acquisition to improve the performance for businesses using Azure Office 365 virtualization:

“Office 365 ProPlus is currently the best Office experience, and, with FSLogix enabling faster load times for user profiles in Outlook and OneDrive, Office 365 ProPlus will become even more performant in multi-user virtual environments (including Windows Virtual Desktop).”


FSLogix is a next-generation app-provisioning platform, with a focus on reducing the resources and labor involved in supporting virtualization. Redmond now plans to tap into the company’s work to reduce the support load on IT departments.

All in all, a perfect fit for Microsoft.

It can now put this new technology to good use with Windows Virtual Desktop, which it launched this past September as a Microsoft 365 service that lets businesses deploy virtual desktops on Azure.

In the meantime, explore what FSLogix is all about here.

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