Microsoft Starts Work On $145 Million Campus In Ireland

Last we heard, Microsoft was planning to build a mega headquarters in Ireland last year, and now there is confirmation that the company is ready to start construction.

Previous pointers about this massive project came to us back in August.

And now the company has finalized the details of this new building that will group and bring together all local divisions, accommodating a total of 1,200 employees Microsoft has in the country. This new campus is being constructed in Dublin.

The building site is said to measure 3 hectares, while the new campus is at least 34,554 meters.

It will cost around $145 million, but this venture will also create 150 new jobs just for building this new headquarters, Microsoft confirmed to local authorities, with more openings to be announced once the construction comes to an end.

Cathriona Hallahan, managing director Ireland, had this to say:

“Dublin is now home to a number of European and global teams and groups as well as to the first Data Centre located outside the United Scales – a facility that has grown rapidly over the past 5 years.”

Big undertaking this for Microsoft, after opening its first office in Ireland more than 30 years ago.

The company continues with its reorganization plan to not only streamline operations, but also enable all divisions to work closer together to better create products and services.

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