Microsoft Stays Firm On Not Extending Windows XP Support Date

The news of the moment is that the Windows XP retirement countdown has reached below the 1 year mark. Microsoft, expectedly, has intensified its push to kill off the stubborn operating system.

It was practically yesterday when we covered the topic when less than 400 days remained. You can get an idea of how fast time flies.

And this is even truer for enterprises, large and small that are still stuck on Windows XP and have delayed an upgrade up until now. Migrating hundreds or thousands of computers to a new operating system is no easy task, that’s for sure.

With less than 12 months remaining, some users may have hoped to see Microsoft extending support for the vintage OS for a little more. But as far as Redmond is concerned, no such thing is going to happen.

A recent blog post from Microsoft detailed the decision:

“A year from now will mark the final milestone for Windows XP – that of its end of support date. Starting April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP users. This means that customers and partners will no longer receive security updates to the operating system or be able to leverage tech support from Microsoft after this time.”

The company has, as you may well be aware, already extended that date once.

And now that Microsoft has launched three new versions of Windows since the release of XP, it is trying to get rid of the old operating system. Also, there is the little bit about bringing more users to Windows 8, the company’s latest platform.

So there, you have it. Countdown clock is ticking, and ticking down fast.

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