Microsoft Sticky Notes Getting A Major Update

Sticky Notes

Looks like we have a hit on our hands! The Microsoft Sticky Notes app has become increasingly popular in recent times, and the company is well aware of this fact.

Not only has it added support for this application on other platforms like Android, it is also bundled with the Microsoft Launcher. Now, there are signs that the software titan is readying a major update for this not taking piece of software.

Details have been discovered by Italian site Aggionarmenti Lumia, who note (pun always intended) that there is a lot of things that Microsoft has been working on.

Including refreshing the Sticky Notes interface, first and foremost, with a more modern look that allows users to expand each note and open it separately.

Even more useful is support for tags that should come in real handy when managing these notes.

This should be good news for hardware users of the app, folks who have more than a handful of notes created. Now, instead of scrolling and searching for a specific note, they can simply look for the one in a specific category based on tags.

Should definitely help with keep track of everything, and hopefully Microsoft also updates the search feature with support for tags to make the experience even more streamlined.

Development is apparently still underway at this point, and it is not known when these new features are supposed to go live.

But they should not be too far off.

If you are yet to check out the versatile Microsoft Sticky Notes app, then do so below.

Download: Microsoft Sticky Notes

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