Microsoft Still Quiet On Windows 8 Sales

It has been quite some time since Windows 8 hit retail, and while the OS is slowly finding its way on computers and devices worldwide, Redmond refuses to provide any new statistical data to prove its point that the operating is performing well.

And everyone knows just how much Microsoft likes to throw big numbers around.

In a recent press release, the software titan has dropped subtle hints about Windows 8 to make sure everyone got the message that the new operating system is a success, without talking about performance and sales numbers.

Instead the company quoted the Chief Information Officer of one of the schools that upgraded to Windows 8, Yvette Brown of Barry University:

ā€œI think Windows 8 will be easier for those who are not as tech-savvy because of the intuitive user interface with touch capabilities. I love the fact that I can actually get real work done on my Windows 8 tablet.ā€

Right on!

Of course, the last sales figure from the House of Windows is 60 million copies sold of the new OS after two months on the market. And this is something Microsoft has iterated is quite in line with the early performance of Windows 7.

Nevertheless, with the impending arrival of Windows Blue, Microsoft has every reason to be optimistic.

Windows 8 has already laid a solid platform for Microsoft to build upon, and this new Blue companywide initiative that seems to going on over at Redmond could further see this platform refined, improved and enhanced to the next level.

And who would say no to that!

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