Microsoft Still Working On Andromeda Device

Which is to say, a new mobile device from Microsoft is still a thing. Codenamed Andromeda, this device is currently being worked on behind Redmond walls, with a target release date of late 2018.

At least, according to previously released information about this.

But now we have some new hints to go by.

Hints provided by regular Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, who found several references to projects called Andromeda OS and Andromeda Device in the latest Windows 10 SDK, with evidence pointing to a tablet laptop hybrid, a Courier like machine.

So, basically, the company seems to be building Andromeda OS to support both ARM and x86 architectures, though the device itself is likely to run on ARM based processors.

That’s all got to do with their energy efficiency and performance.

Of course, there are also references to Windows Core and Polaris, two other variants of the operating system that Microsoft is working on.

The former is a new, modern version of the OS that strips out most of legacy compatibility and software, in turn making the operating system lighter and more flexible. Core OS is said to be able to adapt its interface to different kinds of devices thanks to the CShell user interface.

Polaris, meanwhile, is the version aimed at more traditional PCs.

Getting back to the mobile device, though, Microsoft has also been filing for patents left and right and seems quite serious on seeing the project through.

Yet with so many hints on what this is and what it will do, we have no official information from the company. That is to say that everything we have heard about the device, Surface Phone it may be, is pure speculation at this point.

Even as a trip to Andromeda seems more and more likely in the coming months.

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