Microsoft Stock Has Been The Highest It Has Been For 13 Years

It is remarkable, the sort of effects a promise of change has on people. Sure, it is just the stock market, speculation and all, but Microsoft share prices skyrocketed recently.

With news that we are getting closer to an official announcement on the new CEO, Microsoft stock reaches new levels of high — the likes of which it had not seen for some 13 years now. Goes on to show just how much untapped potential the technology titan still possesses.

NASDAQ is reporting that Microsoft STOCK went up amid reports that a new leader is about to be chosen. It recorded a jump of 1.6 percent yesterday to end up at $38.94 a share.

This makes it the highest price the shares have reached since 2000, when it traded at $39.25.

Insiders are rather sure that Microsoft is in the final stages of its quest of landing a new CEO, and an official announcement could be made sooner rather than later — some even suggesting that the new leader is to be announced around Christmas this year.

Sources have hinted that the company is also looking at external candidates for the CEO post, though Ford’s Alan Mulally and internal Satya Nadella are now said to be in pole position.

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