Microsoft Store App Picks Up Some More Fluent Design

The Microsoft Store app in Windows 10, or Windows Store, what have you, has picked up some more acrylic effects as part of the Fluent Design System redesign.

This new UI design philosophy is obviously a big thing for Microsoft.

As the company continues to spread it to all major areas of its operating platform, with the most used ones refreshed regularly like the Store on Windows 10 Mobile, as well as the Mail and Calendar apps on the desktop OS.

Anyway, Insiders now have another new touchup to look forward to.

As reported, the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 PCs has received a fresh new coat of acrylic, with Windows Insiders being the first to get this new look that screams Fluent Design. Here are some screenshots that show it in action:

Not bad.

Update version 11710.1001.13.0 is what you are looking for, on both a Fast ring and Release Preview ring PC that is enrolled in the preview program for the operating system.

More acrylic is visible on app pages, specifically in the area that lists the title and developer information. This change allows users to see through the background image on the app page, or an app video if that is supported.

A few other changes are also in, including an option to turn off video autoplay in the settings, a new status message in the download and update section to notify you when you have updated all your apps and no updates are available.

And finally, review stars have been moved from under the developer name, next to it.

As is usually the case, while these changes are only being rolled out to Windows Insiders, they are sure to be coming to standard users within the next couple of weeks. Fluent Design is slowly taking over the operating system, and nowhere more can you see it than the Windows Store app.

Or Microsoft Store, what have you.

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