Microsoft Store Begins Surface Reservations, 150 to 250 Reservations Per Store

is already seemingly sold out in its basic entry model? If you want a Microsoft Surface RT tablet and only want the entry 32GB model, you have a few choices. You could just wait the three weeks or so it will take to get it, or you could head to the Microsoft Store nearest you. It seems that Microsoft has secured shipments of all models for their stores. The average store should have a stack of 150 to 250 passes for “Microsoft Surface Reservations”. Once you get your reservation, you are “in”. On October 26th, show up by 12 PM and bingo, you have a Surface to call your own. The bad news is that if you aren’t there on time, you lose your reservation and they will put it back out for sale. This is great news for those that live near a Microsoft Store, but many of us actually live hundreds of miles away and this won’t be feasible. So what kind of specs do we get with the RT-based Surface? Most of you might already know this, but as a reminder, the RT doesn’t use X86 processors, instead you get an Nvidia T30 processor, 2GB of RAM, front and rear 720p cameras, full USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, and microSDXC support. It will also feature Microsoft Office though it will be just the pre-release version at first until the final arrives (it will upgrade for free). Have you pre-ordered your Microsoft Surface or are you going to head your way over to a store ASAP and secure your copy? Anyone waiting off for the Microsoft Surface Pro instead? Let us know what you think below. [ source ]]]>

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