Microsoft Store can finally install games directly

August 18, 2022

Finally! Microsoft has started rolling out a new update for the Microsoft Store, one that is sure to please gamers that use the platform to buy and download their games.

Insiders that have deployed Windows 11 build 25182 on their system can test drive these new features.

Version 22207.1401.X of the Microsoft Store app comes with two notable changes, both of which have been long requested by the user base. First is the visibility of screenshots in search results and the other is the ability to install games directly.

As in, without switching to the Xbox app.

Confirmation regarding these welcome new options is available here in the announcement post, which contains the brief changelog.

First up is a visual change that let you view screenshots right in the search results. This, Microsoft says, helps improve your browsing experience. The Microsoft Store will display the first screenshot only, though, with no option to check other screenshots or videos without opening the listing first.

But that’s okay!

Microsoft Store Games

What’s more than okay is the ability to install games directly from the Microsoft Store app.

This has been one of the foremost head-scratchers in the stable version of the application. Previously, you had to switch to the Xbox app to install a specific game. But Redmond has finally addressed this quirk, and now lets you install your favorite PC games easier and with fewer clicks.

These are, of course, not the only improvements Microsoft Store has received in the recent past.

The apps repository now also features improved price tags and better game edition discoverability. These, again, were two of the more requested features for the Store that the software titan rolled out late last month.

Things sure seem to be moving in the right direction.


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