Microsoft Store Getting Even More Improvements

More of a good thing is never bad, right? Well, that seems to be the driving philosophy for Microsoft, as the company has lined up even more Microsoft Store improvements for Windows 10 users.

Users accessing the app repository using Windows 10 devices have access to a new design.

While Redmond has also been testing new features like the shopping cart and the wish list. All these new additions to go with general improvements to the Microsoft Store that make the process of installing apps and games easier.

But according to this report, the software titan wants to further enhance the experience.

More changes are on the way.

The report mentions quite a few improvements, but perhaps the biggest one is the addition of an adaptive menu bar at the top of the application. Up until now, the categories displayed at the top have been static, but the upcoming update will see these links change during navigation.

For example, the Devices section will now offer subsections like Surface, PC Gaming and more.

Should go a long way towards streamlining and simplifying the user interface and help users better navigate the store.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to manage subscriptions from within the Store app, meaning you can subscribe to Office 365, Xbox Game Pass and other services — without having to visit your Microsoft Account page, that is to say.

Other changes are smaller in nature.

Including a slightly revamped dropdown menu for your user profile, the ability to pin the My Library page to the Start Menu and a new page that lists all the departments in the store.

All good changes, and should improve usability of the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

Which is an important factor, as the Windows 8 version of the Store is set for sunset soon, and many of these user will be migrating to the new version in the near future.

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