Microsoft Store May Get Departments

Or rather, a Departments menu. Microsoft Store, formerly known as the Windows Store, has come a long way from its early days, where it offered just apps.

And well, games, if you want to call them that.

True to the rebranding, and amid some Fluent Design changes, the software titan has amped up its repository in a quest to make it a one stop shop for Windows users. The Store now offers fonts and extensions, comes with a hardware section, and also allows for game gifting.

All improvements, rolled out within the past few months.

And now it looks we have more in store.

Pun always intended.

Microsoft Store Departments

According to this report, Redmond is currently testing adding a Departments dropdown menu to the Microsoft Store. The company is said to be A/B testing such a functionality, with the aim of further promoting the varied type of content that is available on the Store.

This new menu contains a total of four sections: Software & apps, Entertainment, Devices and Deals.

With five options under each section.

Microsoft Store Sections

Along with this, Microsoft is also working on some changes to the navigation menus in the app to ensure that they better suit the type of content that is present on the Store. Some dedicated tabs are already present for a few categories.

That said, nothing is guaranteed.

This is simply the company testing this functionality in the United States, and an update to the app will only be rolled out for everyone if this design change is finalized.

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