Microsoft Strikes Back, Combats China On Windows 8 Backdoor Claims

banned on government computers in the country, and the newest assaults were claims about backdoors and some allegations of conspiring with the US government to spy on users. Microsoft, fully aware, that if these were true, would result in irreparable damage to its image around the world have swiftly issued a statement, refuting these claims. In a post on the company’s official Weibo account, Redmond makes it clear that it has never worked with any government across the world on spying its customers and attacking other institutions. Here is the translated statement:

  • Microsoft has never assisted any government in an attack of another government or clients.
  • Microsoft has never provided any government the authority to directly visit our products or services.
  • Microsoft has never provided any so-called “Backdoor” into its products or services.
  • Microsoft has never provided the data or info of our clients to the U.S. Govt. or National Security Agency.
  • Microsoft has never concealed any requests from any government for information about its clients.
Saying it straight, eh? These claims clearly disapprove all points China made about Windows 8 recently, and the software titan’s alleged cooperation with the US government. What happens next could be really interesting.]]>

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