Microsoft Sued For Misleading Windows 8 Buyers

The Sydney Morning Herald, John Hollow has sent his complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which is backed by the consumer group by the name of Choice. A spokeswoman of the group Ingrid Just explained:

“Certainly [there is] potential for consumers to be confused and possibly even misled, thinking that this is a full product rather than an upgrade. It’s almost like a reverse ‘up-sell’ – giving you the fries and then asking if you would like a burger with your purchase. At the very least, Microsoft should have a sticker on their box clearly marking it as an upgrade only”.
It is not yet clear whether Hollow (and the ACCC) is seeking financial compensation or not, but they are nevertheless requesting the company to place a label on its Windows 8 boxes to let buyers know that they are purchasing an upgrade-only product. Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on the matter, though a company representative did say that Microsoft is going to work with the ACCC on any concerns.]]>

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