Microsoft Sues Australian Radio Stations For Running Pirated Windows

Redmond’s quest to battle pirates and reduce software piracy around the world continues, this time taking the technology giant to the land down under where it is taking a radio station to court.

The company has filed a new lawsuit that targets Australia’s Super Radio Network, and the force behind the radio station, founder Bill Caralis.

In fact, according to a report by the Sydney Morning Herald, Microsoft along with Adobe, filed lawsuits against four different radio stations for using pirated software — the company is also considering filing separate cases against 25 other radio stations. Whoa!

It appears that both technology titans have somehow obtained an internal email send by the Radio Network’s head technician Allan Bone, in which he explains to an employee the process of cracking Windows and bypassing the protection:

“As you know, m*cro$oft has started a validation program which basically will discontinue your windows update and security patches if you did not actually paid for your copy of MS Windows Operating System or if you installed an aftermarket copy that was not paid for [sic]. With this crack, you can once again keep updating your windows and the security patches.”

Quite a colorful email — as far as emails go.

Microsoft claims that radio stations 2DU and Zoom FM installed and used unlicensed Windows and Office software on their computers. And no it is try to not just force the company to remove and delete the illegal applications, but also pay damages (or an amount from the profits).

Both companies have also taken the opportunity to call upon users who can provide additional information on the case to report it at and join the fight against piracy.

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