Microsoft Sure Knows How To Anger Windows Phone Users

In a world of peaches, don’t ask for apple sauce! Microsoft has come under fire from angry Windows Phone users, who are once again disappointed with the lack of focus from the company on its own mobile OS.

The story goes that the software titan recently rolled out a new feature for Windows 10 users, that basically allows them to share their browsing session between their mobile devices and their PC.

It’s actually called Continue on PC.

And although it was originally released for Android users with the launch of build 16251 to Fast ring a while back, this new option has now become available for iPhone users, allowing them to send their sessions to their computers, and continue where they left off.

Of course, Windows 10 Mobile users were left out in the could here — with no information on how, when or if this feature will be made available to them in the near or even distant future.

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft made this latest announcement:

This, after he had already come under fire early last week for stating that the company loved its mobile OS so much that they were trying to bring some of its benefits like Cortana and PC connection to competing mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Long story short, it did not go well, and Windows Phone users joined in the criticism of the company’s Windows Phone strategy.


To his credit, Joe Belfiore responded to the avalanche of this criticism of Microsoft’s focus on rival products, saying that the company does not think of the iPhone as just a competitor, as they have hundreds of millions of customers that carry an iPhone.

It only makes sense to support them.

Fair point.

But at the same time, a little more intent and emphasis on Windows 10 Mobile would go a long way in calming the nerves of Windows Phone users. The platform picks up new features, occasionally, but in an ideal world there would be parity from Redmond in its mobile efforts here.


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