Microsoft Surface Duo enters production

July 30, 2020
Smartphone Production

It’s happening! Microsoft inches ever closer to launching the Surface Duo, as there is news that the Android powered foldable handset has gone into production.

Launch date being the glorious day of August 24.

This development comes just a week after the device passed testing with the FCC in the United States, our clearest signal yet that launch is near.

Anyway, the news of the smartphone entering production comes courtesy Zac Bowden of Windows Central who says that customers should have their hands on the Duo in the week of August 24.

Highly anticipated, this dual-screen smartphone will be the first time Microsoft dabs with the Android platform. But even being a month away, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the device. And it’s not being helped by the silence Microsoft continues to maintain regarding it.

The preorder pages have not even gone live, for example. And the software titan continues to keep mum about the machine, even though building some hype beforehand is well warranted.

In any case, we are not far from the fun and frolics of the launch of the Surface Duo.

There is plenty that we do know about this device, and more is sure to be revealed next month as we near the day that it sees daylight.

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