Microsoft: Surface Has No Rival When It Comes To Productivity

It always feels great when companies hit the nail right on the head. It is hard to deny the potential that Surface tablets offer for productivity, and according to Microsoft, the Surface slates are world’s first productivity tablets.

Redmond is currently giving its Surface tablets a worldwide marketing push, ahead of the debut of the Surface Pro in several important markets around the globe.

And Brian Hall, the general manager of the Surface division said in a blog post that the Surface is the number one tablet in the world when it comes to productivity — no doubt helped by the fact that it offers a keyboard along with the popular Office suite of productivity software:

“Generally speaking, people have talked about how they love that Surface is really the world’s first productivity tablet. It’s a tablet, of course, with beautiful design, great feel, and lots more.

But what makes it truly different is that you can also do your work – because of Office, because of the iconic click-in keyboards and Surface kickstand, and because it has ports – for when you need to share a file via USB, get pictures from the camera, add more storage with SD, or plug into a screen.”

Microsoft would be hoping to see some strong numbers in the months to come, as both the Surface Pro and Surface RT land in new markets, including important European destinations.

The technology titan is also said to be developing its second generation Surface slates, at least one of which is set to debut during the BUILD conference next month in San Francisco. The upcoming Surface tablet is said to feature a smaller 8-inch form factor and is set to be powered by Windows 8.1.

We will know more about it soon, but for now, it is a refreshing sight to see Microsoft touting and hyping up one of the most important factors of its Surface tablets.

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