Microsoft Surface Is A Fair Bit More Successful Than Google Nexus 10

Ever since word broke out that Microsoft was developing its very first in-house tablet, market watchers and industry analysts have been speculating just how it will fare against other heavyweights that are already out there.

While it is downright unfair to compare the Surface slates against the iPad (Apple’s slate does after all enjoy a much expanded global retail presence), other competing tablets are fair game.

Tablets like the 10-inch variant of Google Nexus, which has been on store shelves for a while now.

The 7-inch version of Nexus has enjoyed positive success, yes, but its bigger brother is in the column of devices that are attracting very few buyers.

The latest data unearthed by Benedict Evans and published by Forbes seems to indicate that Google sold only 680,000 Nexus 10 tablets since launch last year. While the corresponding figure for Microsoft comes in at 1.5 million units of Surface.

These figures obviously include the recently delivered Surface Pro — which itself is said to have moved well over 400,000 units. That leaves 1.1 million units of Surface RT sold since October 2012.

Obviously, Surface slates had to battle some of the disapproval surrounding the Windows 8 platform, coupled with sever supply shortages that lasted weeks or months in some cases. But on the whole Microsoft’s first foray into the tablet realm is outselling Nexus 10.

And this is, in more ways than one, an apples-to-apples comparison.

Now all we need are some 7 or 8 inch Surface tablets running the upgraded version of Microsoft’s platform, a few good apps, and things may very well change for the better before the year is out.

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