Microsoft Surface pricing leaked… by Microsoft?

Is The Microsoft Surface RT Overpriced? No, it isn’t. Considering the hardware and capabilities, it is a fair enough price. The problem is that it is hard to sell consumers on a new platform when an existing platform like the iPad is already present. Microsoft should have at least considered a holiday introduction promo that would see the Surface RT offered for $50-$100 off for a limited time. Not only would this have rushed holiday sales, it would have got the product into more consumer hands and generated further buzz. Once the buzz was established, consumers would be more than glad to pay the $499+ for the Surface devices. This goes against the earlier rumors of a $200-$300 Surface that would likely have some kind of contract-based service– though Microsoft could still be preparing something like this in the background for all we know. Alright, so what do our readers think? Way too high for the Microsoft Surface RT models or about where you thought it would be? I’m not at all disappointed, this is still an attractive enough and fair price. I’m just worried about whether or not the “average” consumer will find the Surface would the risk when they can get an established iPad or high-end Android device for the same pricing. Source]]>

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