Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Full Specifications

Redmond also refreshed its pro tablet, and the updated Surface Pro 2 comes with several new changes that make the device a fair bit faster, just a tad lighter and much more power efficient.

The heart of it all is the Intel Haswell processor that beats at 1.6 GHz.

Microsoft was all confidence during the official unveil of the Surface Pro 2, claiming that this updated slate is now faster than 95 percent of the laptops that are available on the market right now, while also offering a much enhanced (and much needed) battery life bump.

Here are the Surface Pro 2 specifications, again provided by Microsoft:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro
Preloaded software: Bing apps, no Office included
Display: 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD 1920×1080
Processor: Intel Core i5 Haswell
Processor speed: 1.6 gigahertz
Connectivity: USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4, Wi-Fi
3G/LTE: No
Sound: Dolby Digital
Cameras: front – 3.5 megapixels, rear – 5 megapixels
Battery: up to 10 hours
Storage: 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
Pricing: from $889
Other: two-position kickstand, support for Power Cover, Surface Docking Station.

The Surface Pro 2 features the same dual-position kickstand that makes using the device easier, either on a desk or on a couch. And obviously, one of the highlights of this new tablet is that it is compatible with the latest variety of accessories that Microsoft unleashed yesterday.

Two memory options are on offer — 4GB and 8GB — though pricing details on this are missing.

Pricing for the various capacities of the tablet has, however, been revealed. The 64GB will model with the Surface pen comes with a retail price of $899. 128GB with Surface pen flies in at $999. 256GB with pen sells at $1,299, while the 512GB option with the pen can be had for $1,799.

Like the vanilla Surface 2, the Surface Pro 2 is available for preorder now, but will go on sale on October 22. That makes its four days after the official launch of Windows 8.1.

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