Microsoft Surface RT and Pro Receive Updates: WiFi Improvements and More

Today is patch Tuesday, and you know what that means? Yup, plenty of updates. Both the Surface Pro and Surface RT received a few changes today adding to the stability of the tablets and even adding some pretty significant improvements for both devices.

First, let’s start with the Surface RT’s updates. The Surface RT update is offering WiFi improvements for starters, which claim to be able to address many of the issues that some Surface RT users have had ever since the tablet first launched. Specifically, it will address the WiFi issues that have to do with ‘limited connectivity’ scenarios, according to Microsoft.

Outside of the WiFi changes, there is also an update that will improve the typing experience for the Surface RT when using Type and Touch covers “on soft surfaces and when devices and keyboard are lying flat”. Other changes include sound issue updates and some unnamed changes/improvements for the trackpad as well.

Don’t worry, the Surface Pro is also getting quite a few changes thrown in the mix. The biggest change is that Surface Pro’s update now enables the Windows to Go feature on the tablet, which is a pretty big deal for enterprise customers. This means you can run an entire Windows 8 Pro experience on a USB and plug it into the Surface. Why would you want to do that? Basically it allows you to keep your work on the USB, and your play on the actual hard-drive copy of Windows 8. From security to the convenience of having your installation safe even if the tablet hardware becomes damaged – there are many things to love about Windows to Go.

While adding support for Windows to Go is the most important Surface Pro change in the tablet’s first ever official upgrade, it isn’t the only change. The new update also improves WiFi in a similar manner to the Windows RT update, and there is also improved onscreen keyboard detection synchronization for when the Pro goes in and out of sleep mode.

This is what makes the age we live in so special. Once upon a time, technology was the same way when we retired it as the day it was bought, unless manually upgraded or changed. The age of the web means new features and performance tweaks can constantly be pushed out, making your Windows devices grow and change as time progresses.

So far Microsoft has shown quite a bit of commitment to doing all it can to continually evolve the Windows 8, Windows RT and Surface experience. Have you received an update for your Surface device yet? If so, what do you think of the changes?

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