Microsoft Surface RT Supported Until at Least April 11, 2017

How will OS Upgrades Work? With operating systems like iOS and Android, new major versions of the operating system introduce new features, UI elements and more. They are full-fledged upgrades and major game-changers, but they are also totally free. How will this work with Windows RT and Windows 8? With Windows 8, I’d expect the upgrade cycle to stay about the same as traditional Windows versions. We might get patches and service packs, but that will be about it. With Windows RT on the other hand? It will be somewhere in the middle between how Windows 8 is handled and how Windows Phone 7/8 were handled. I don’t think a full “new” Windows RT2 will be free and upgradable. That said, don’t be surprised if Windows RT SP1/SP2 etc roll out and introduce bigger changes then we see with a traditional Windows Service pack. Anyhow, while we might not know what the future of updating looks like for the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT, it is at least good to know that Microsoft seems to be supporting them for a long time going forward. While not much more information is yet to be revealed, you can always check out Microsoft’s website for a bit more information.]]>

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