Microsoft Surface RT Update Brings Wi-Fi Improvements

MS_Nerd had supposedly leaked news that Tuesday’s Surface patch would help prepare the Surface for the future in some way. Based on the wording of his claim, it was believed this would be a huge update. So what did the Surface RT update bring? It improved Wi-Fi features on the tablet, primarily. This includes improving the reliability of Surface Wi-Fi connectivity and overall Wi-Fi performance. This also included the weird error that had “limited connectivity” appear for some Surface users. More than likely a few other general bug fixes also arrived in the update. This is a far cry away from being a major update like MS_Nerd predicted, but keep in mind that this leaker’s claims are often hit and miss. If Blue is indeed coming in 2013 as rumors suggest, it seems unlikely any MAJOR updates will hit Surface until then. Instead, I’d wager that Surface RT updates will continue to focus on bug fixes and productivity/reliability tweaks in the software. So how do you get in on the update for your Microsoft Surface RT tablet? By default, it should download it automatically with no direct intervention needed by the user. If you are pretty sure you haven’t received the update, you can also force it manually. For those Surface owners that have already updated, did you notice any other changes that might indicate “something big” like we were rumored to see with this new software update? Has overall stability increased with the update, or is it pretty much about nothing other than Wi-Fi performance? [ source ]  ]]>

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