Microsoft Surface RT Users Reporting Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

touch cover splitting, as well as the existence of audio problems also associated with the touch cover. Now it seems some users are having a problem that has to do with Wi-Fi Connectivity. A new glitch is said to cause “limited connectivity” on a network, which basically means you can’t access the Internet or anything else for that matter. The Microsoft community page is nearing twenty pages about this topic and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Some of these posts are from users reporting the issues, others are from those offering possible fixes. Should we worry too much about these early problems with Microsoft’s new tablet? Not really. All new products have problems, even those from rival companies like Apple and Google. As time passes, the bugs and glitches will be worked out. If you are currently experiencing Wi-Fi problems with the Surface RT, you might want to head over there for some possible troubleshooting. Some of the suggestions including setting your network card to “11g only” and disabling wireless card power management. Interestingly enough, the firmware patch we heard about on Patch Tuesday was actually supposed to address this issue but it seems that this isn’t the case for many users. Have you had any connection issues with your Surface RT?   [ source ]]]>

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