Microsoft Surface to cost $600?

according to a report from DigiTimes. They also reported that Windows 8 Pro Tablet could cost around $800. Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet is much more expensive than any other big named tablet currently in the market. If these numbers are correct,  Surface Pro will be around $300 more expensive than the Amazon Kindle Fire. Also a lot of cheaper Android tablets are available in the market. This strategy of Microsoft is very risky as they still need to set themselves in the tablet market. I think they should keep the price of their tablets low at the start so that it could gain market. Well, the Surface tablet has a lot to offer to the user. Surface Pro tablet is an All-in-One package as it could run even the legacy desktop apps. I am sure the business users who want productivity with mobility are going to love this. Still it is a rumor only and there is not yet confirmation from Microsoft. Let’s see what they think.]]>

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