Microsoft Surface Touch Covers having Splitting Issue?

audio issues with the Surface RT. Microsoft said these might have to due with the Touch accessory and are giving out replacements as needed. Unfortunately that’s not the only issue that seems to plague the new Touch Cover accessories. Several owners of the Touch Cover are now reporting that the cover starts to split on one end, exposing a wire and clearly making the cover look a lot less attractive. Considering the device hasn’t been out for very long— that’s certainly a very real problem. Microsoft has issued a statement that they are aware of the issue, and believes it is a small contained issue. They will work hard to replace and units that have these problems in order to make sure customers are getting the very best of Microsoft. Production problems happen, especially with products that are very new to the market. The important thing is how a company handles these issues. This is one of the things I truly love about Microsoft. They seem to take the approach of “Yes, we see the issue. We’ll replace and help you out though”, instead of denying it or saying you are using your product wrong, etc. As Microsoft becomes aware of various hardware issues, they will make sure that future production units of the touch cover or the Surface itself aren’t subject to the same problems. Part of being an early hardware adopter is you are sort of like a hardware tester. What do you think about the Touch Cover, a deal-breaker or not? [ source ]]]>

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