Microsoft Surface Warranty Under Fire In China

Got to hand it to the Chinese regulatory authorities for looking out for their technology public! After Apple, it is Microsoft’s turn to feel a bit of heat, literally speaking, of course.

The story goes something like this. Microsoft recently launched its Surface tablet in China, and offered buyers 1 year warranty for both the main parts as well as the whole unit, itself. The only problem is that local regulations are not pleased with this plan.

China National Radio broke the news, and Bloomberg has the story that local regulations require companies to offer a 1 year warranty for the whole device, along with 2 years for the main parts.

Microsoft has refused to issue a comment on this for the time being.

But given the fact that Redmond is betting so big on the Chinese market, the technology titan could very well change its warranty policy soon.

While initial sales numbers of Surface tablets have been slow, the fact that for the most part the devices were initially only selling in North America plays into the picture. Only in the past few months did the slates made their debut outside the continent.

The Surface RT and Surface Pro both are currently being sold in China.

Microsoft is said to be working to bring its tablets in more countries around the word. Markets like the United Kingdom, Germany and France are said to be in the pipeline to start selling the Surface Pro.

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