Microsoft "Surfacing" Music Talent with New Contest

being very mixed. We also don’t know if/when Microsoft will move beyond it’s stores to offer the device. What we do know is that advertising remains a priority. With that in mind, Microsoft’s latest advertising push involves a new TV ad that reveals it is working with the Grammy organization to put the spotlight on new but not-yet known bands. The idea is that Microsoft is working on a contest of short which will have a grand prize of allowing one band to perform during a “Grammy Live event”. What does this have to do with Microsoft’s Surface? Apparently that winning band will also possibly appear in a Microsoft TV and commercial advertising effort. The commercial will be filmed during the Grammy Live event. Other details of the contest include flying the chosen band out to Los Angeles for five days and four nights. Each member of the band will also get a free Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Are you a member of a hot new band just dying to get your first real “big break”? Perhaps Microsoft and the Grammy organization could be the ones to give you this opportunity. You can sign up with an entry from now until January 10th of 2013. As expected, there are quite a few rules and expectations about the band that might be involved. First, no more than four members in the band. Second, you have to show off your skills through an original song, which means no covers or remakes, etc. The video must already have been uploaded to YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo as well. The contest will involved public voting for favorite videos starting on January 10th for one week, and a second voting period will narrow it down to the final contest during the second week. These kinds of advertising pushes by Microsoft make a lot of sense. They get young artists involved in selling their products and in many ways these kinds of contest campaigns do more than a regular “TV ad” could ever do. What do you think of this latest contest? Intrigued? [ source ]]]>

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