Microsoft Surpasses Exxon Mobil In Market Value

put the company within striking distance of Exxon Mobil, which owing to the decline in global oil prices is on the down. Microsoft Overtakes Exxon Mobil This morning Microsoft had a computed market value of $405 billion, while Exxon saw a dip to around the $401 billion mark, good enough for Redmond to leapfrog the energy company. It now puts the company right next to Apple. Now, while market capitalization is not the absolute indicator of how a business is doing, but setting in second place behind Apple does show that Microsoft is doing a lot of things right. A fair amount depends on how Windows 10, its next major bet, performs on the market once it sees daylight next year. And whether the company’s hardware plans come to fruition, not just in the tablet domain, but the smartphone arena too. But so far, so good.]]>

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