Microsoft Surprisingly Cuts Windows 8 Pro Price In The UK

Well, well, well, who would have seen this coming! Redmond officially ended its post-launch discounts for Windows 8 in February, leaving consumers looking to purchase its latest operating system no option but to pay the full price.

But now it appears that the company has roll out a special promotion for its operating system, as the eagle eyed writers at PCPro noted. The discount is only available on its British website, by the way.

No idea when (or if) similar price cuts will be rolled out in other markets, but the UK buyers surely do seem to be in luck — at least those that are yet to make the move to the new OS.

Even though Microsoft has not made the discount public yet — no official statement or press release — but the Windows 8 Pro upgrade is now available on the website for a sweetened new price of £44.99, which translates to $67.5 or €52.

The regular deal was an eye-watering £190, so this makes for a significant price cut.

If anything, this discount makes Windows 8 Pro more affordable than even the standard version of Windows 8, which is as of this writing, available for £99.

Pricing on the US website (as well as other markets) remains unchanged, for now, but it probably is reasonable to expect a few promotions for the OS in the coming days along similar lines.

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