Microsoft Takes A Jab At iPad And Android While Praising Windows 8.1 Devices

Redmond may not be all that active in CES 2014, surely not as much as before, but the company was not all that far away from the thick of things as countless vendors revealed their new Windows 8.1 devices at the Las Vegas event.

Microsoft, for obvious reasons, is pleased with this avalanche of new hardware.

And the company believes that buyers that were considering Android and Apple devices will now have to think their purchases out because Windows 8.1 devices now offer much more value for money.

In a new blog post, the technology titan fired off some stingers:

“New hinge designs, touch panels, smaller and more powerful silicon chips, longer-lasting batteries, more durable materials like Corning Gorilla Glass and modern trackpads are among the latest advancements that enable people to interact with their devices in entirely new ways.

Customers will think twice about buying a 10” iPad or Android tablet and consider getting a Windows 2-in-1 that provides these additional benefits and represents much more value for their money.”

One thing is for sure that we can no longer lament hardware makers for being lazy.

At least, the PC makers, they seem to have learnt their lesson. While the few months following the launch of Windows 8 were dry season for hardware devices, one can now find a wide variety of different devices with varying form factors at almost all price points.

The best thing is that business is about to pick up — the competition has arrived.

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