Microsoft Takes Open Enclave SDK Cross Platform

Intelligent Edge

You could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft is all about the Intelligent Edge these days. Its freshest move, making the Open Enclave SDK cross platform, ties nicely into that.

Back in the good old days, devices like cameras and sensors were relatively simple — all their processing was done on centralized servers.

But the industry is moving towards taking more intelligence locally.

And the Azure platform is geared up for this paradigm shift, where poor connectivity or latency issues may prevent a constant connection to the cloud. Intelligent Edge is what enables running of AI, services and custom code on these devices.

Open Enclave Logo

To that end, Redmond launched the Open Enclave SDK a couple of months ago, aimed at creating a single enclaving abstraction for developers. The goal of the SDK being to allow developers to build once and then deploy over multiple platforms.

Cloud or Edge, Linux or Windows.

Unfortunately, the first version of the SDK only offered support for Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hardware based on Intel Software Extension Guard (SGX) and Linux.

But as Microsoft details in the announcement today, this launch continues the cross platform vision that allows Azure IoT Edge developers to write Trusted Applications (TA) that root trust in any secure silicon TEE built on any platform.

Including ARM TrustZone, Intel SGX and embedded Secure Elements using Windows or Linux.

By the same flip of the coin, the company has also released a preview of the integration of its Azure IoT Edge security manager with Open Enclave.

Full details available above.

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