Microsoft talk about media support in Windows 8

a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog. This one talks about optimizing multimedia in Windows 8. Their goals as stated:

  1. Maximize performance. We wanted media playback to be fast and responsive, enabling the full power of the hardware while maximizing battery life on each PC.
  2. Simplify development and extensibility. We wanted to provide a platform that could be easily extended and tailored for a given application, setting the stage for innovative custom media apps on Windows.
  3. Enable a breadth of scenarios. A high performance, high efficiency, extensible platform can then enable a wide range of music, video, communications, and other multimedia apps.
They talk about a broad range of new features that Windows 8 will have..
  • Support for Video
  • Support for Metro
  • Auto picture orientation
  • Premium content support
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Content Protection and more
Here’s the video… YT5qeP200vU]]>

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