Microsoft Targets IP Address That Activates Pirated Windows

A tried and tested way to get tried and tested results? Microsoft has gone after an IP address that it believes tried to activate pirated copy of Windows and Office.

The lawsuit filed claims both copyright and trademark infringement.

Redmond has explained in court documents that this particular IP address was used by an unnamed individual or group of persons, and activated somewhere around 1,000 copies of unlicensed software.

The IP address in question,, appears to be used by a Comcast office in New Jersey, though the name of the defendant is not available at this point. But there is enough cause to believe that this is very likely a store that installs unlicensed software on the devices it sells.


“During the software activation process, Defendants contacted Microsoft activation servers in Washington over 2800 times from December 2014 to July 2017, and transmitted detailed information to those servers in order to activate the software.”

Oh dear.

According to the court documents, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 were the products that the pirates attempted to activate. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 was also in the mix, and was licensed this way.

What more, these pirates tried to activate software outside of the region for which it was intended.

The software titan has made it a habit to go after pirates like these that activate a significant number of products, and it certainly seems that it has come prepared here, with this lawsuit.

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