Microsoft Teams Is Down Again


That time of the month again? Microsoft is no stranger to service outages in its Microsoft 365 offerings, and this time Microsoft Teams is the latest one to be affected.

Teams is, of course, the communication platform for organizations, and has been on a roll lately.

Apparently, the issue is preventing many users from logging into the service — particularly those in the United Sates. And based on the outage maps for both Teams and Office 365, some users in central Europe are also affected.

Microsoft Teams Outage

Interestingly, the official health status page for Microsoft 365 shows no problems.

But the software titan confirmed via its Twitter page that the problem is known and under investigation. If you are unable to use the service, you may want to keep an eye on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, where the company is tracking the issue under TM173756.

The software titan has confirmed in a message on the Admin Center that it has started to reroute traffic to alternate healthy infrastructure. Furthermore, telemetry indicates connectivity improvement, but the company will continue to analyze if any other traffic needs to be rerouted.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Microsoft has its services go down.

In fact, the company is coming off a period of a few months, where a number of the company services went down here and there.

Including, Teams, of course.

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