Microsoft Teams with Nokia, Spends $23 Million on App Developers

say on Microsoft’s website;

 The requirement for the App not already being in a competitive alternative Mobile platform is a deal killer for us. We have the preeminent App in our product space, would consider doing a Windows Port but we refuse to cut-off the tiny bit of revenue we are receiving from Apple to take the leap of faith needed to invest a couple of developer years building out our App for the Windows App Market Place. Please reconsider this requirement, it’s a deal breaker.
In any case, despite these flaws, this is a step in the right direction for Microsoft, putting in seed money that could result in great apps for their new platform. Assuming they spend $40,000 on each developer, that would be almost 600 new apps exclusive to the Windows 8 platform. Next, let’s see some price cuts for the Surface and Surface Pro! What do you think about AppCampus?]]>

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